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Reasons Behind Increasing Hair Loss Problems In Agra

Water in Agra contains high level of salt which can wreak havoc on your hair. Your skin’s and scalp’s original water content is what keeps it moisturized and hydrated. But due to the presence of such high level salt in the water, the scalp may get dehydrated thereby, resulting in the hair loss.
One more reason contributes to the decreasing health of hair of citizens of Agra is the declining water quality due to the increasing wastes being released in Yamuna resulting from increasing population, industries and tourism in the city.
Other than water related issues, there are lot more reasons that lead to hair loss like pregnancy, excess of vitamin A, lack of protein, lights hairs inherited from ancestors, stress, thyroid, anemia, deficiency of vitamin B and others. These all contribute to hair loss, thereby leading to baldness.
After getting to know about these arising issues in the city, we thought of coming to your city so as to give the Agra people solutions to fight the hair loss resulting in baldness.

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