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Hair Transplant

Why Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is not anything to worry about. It is a very simple process. In hair transplantation, the hairs from their roots are extracted from one part of the scalp where there is thick growth of hair or are extracted from some body part like legs, chest, armpit and then embedded in the area where there is no or lesser hair growth. The hair transplantation is done by our doctors in small units of hair follicles. The process does not cause pain to the patient and leave everlasting shiny hairs. Mostly, men undergo through such treatments for their front area of scalp. There are various techniques to this which one can opt in accordance to his or her convenience.

Types Of Hair Transplant

Advance Hair Transplant

hair transplant in agra-evolve clinic

With our most advanced techniques and equipment, we provide you with all natural, undetectable and suitable hairlines. After the hair transplantation performed by us, hair extraction marks are almost invisible and healing of donor area is quick. FUE and FUT are the 2 advanced hair transplantation services provided by us, where, FUE technique involves pulling out hair follicles in small amount from thick growth area of scalp and then implanting the follicles to the growth affected area where as, FUT technique involves drawing out tissue strips from thick growth area, then reaping hair follicles out of it and finally implanting the follicles to the growth affected area.

Beard Hair Transplant

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The technique leaves no sign of transplantation on the area from where the hairs are plucked out. Our service of FUE hair transplant in Agra is performed by skilled doctors. The hair follicles are plucked out from the thick hair growth area in small amounts and then embedded in the holes done by the needle.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

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There are many of us who are lack of hair growth on their eyebrows which may be naturally or due to some or other reasons. For them, we provide eyebrow hair transplantation to enhance their beauty. While performing this transplantation, hairs are plucked out from one area of scalp or other body parts and are then embedded to the eyebrow area.

Body Hair Transplant

fue hair transplant in agra-evolve clinic

As per this technique, hair strands are plucked out from the body parts other than the scalp and are then being embedded in the area of no or less hair growth, usually to the front part of the scalp. This technique is adopted when the patient does not have good hair growth in the back area of his or her scalp.