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How Does Donor & Recipient Areas Look Post FUE Hair Transplant?

People are often worried about the end result post hair transplant than are worried about the procedure itself. And it’s quite obvious too, after all, it’s about their hair which is no less than their crown. FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant affects both of your donor and recipient areas since it involves extracting follicles from donor area and implanting to the recipient area. Now, the question arises, in what way does your scalp get affected. There’s a good news. Your scalp does not get effected in any wrong way. Rather, the transplant looks all natural. The follicles form donor area, are drawn out in the way that doesn’t make the area...

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Male Pattern Baldness in India

Male Pattern Baldness in India With the every passing decade, the rate of baldness has been on an increase, especially when it comes to baldness in men, called as male pattern baldness. According to a study being conducted on men for around 1.5 years, 63.2% of Indian men suffer from male pattern baldness. It was found that the male pattern baldness starts in early 20’s of men and continues till their death, if no treatment is opted for it. Following statistics were revealed about male pattern baldness in Indian men. This shows prevalence of high male pattern baldness in India, due to which there is growing demand for hair transplant in...