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Hair Transplant

benefits of hair transplant

Benefits Of Hair Transplant

When the hair loss causes the permanent loss of hair, then, it is hair transplant only that can do any help. It can help a person to restore his/her hair back from roots. Let’s discuss about its benefits: Life Transformation: Hair Transplant is a life transforming event as once the hair is grown, it brings back your lost confidence and professional life due to hair loss. Permanent Solution: Hair transplant is permanent solution to hair loss as, once the transplant is done then all you need to do take a li’l car of your hair like you do for your original hair and your hair grow naturally. Natural Looking Results: The hair obtained after hair transplant looks all natural...

nutrients preventing hair loss

Nutrients that can Prevent your Hair Fall

There certain nutrients that can help you prevent your hair fall. Let’s talk about these nutrients, how they are helpful to your hair and which food is good source of these nutrients. Vitamin A Vitamin A helps to moisturize your scalp and grow the hair follicles, thereby, making your hair healthy. Sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, cod liver oil, milk eggs are good source of Vitamin A. B- Complex Vitamin (Biotin & B5) Biotin and B5 together can do wonder to your hair. Biotin helps to repair your hair damaged due to dryness and over styling, while, B5 stimulates hair growth. You can get the vitamin from whole grains, meat, seafood, dark and leafy...

tackle hair loss

Tackle Hair Loss with a Little Change in your Lifestyle

In today’s advancing world, there are n number of reasons behind your falling hair. You may face  hair fall due to lack of proper nutrients, may be due to some infection caused, may because you have inherited it or there may be other reasons. Some reasons might be cured with some change in your lifestyle and some might not be. Let’s talk about the changes you can make in your lifestyle. Avoid Using Harsh Shampoos If you are an outgoing person, then there are good chances of pollution and dust to attack your hair. This causes you to wash your hair frequently. But, using harsh shampoos can create havoc...

hair transplant in agra-evolve clinic

Is it possible to re-grow hair in bald spots?

A bald spot over your scalp does not just destroy your looks, it also holds the power to spread across your whole scalp. If you see any bald spot over your scalp, it is a signal that something is not right which needs to be taken very seriously and immediate action need to be taken of. There may be several reasons behind the bald spots, which may include deficiency of protein, anemia, male pattern baldness, chemotherapy and several more. Any of these reasons can affect your hair growth. There are several remedies suggested by people like using certain oils, shampoos, consuming vitamins, proteins, etc. These remedies are okay...

hair transplant doctor in agra-evolve clinic

Male Pattern Baldness in India

Male Pattern Baldness in India With the every passing decade, the rate of baldness has been on an increase, especially when it comes to baldness in men, called as male pattern baldness. According to a study being conducted on men for around 1.5 years, 63.2% of Indian men suffer from male pattern baldness. It was found that the male pattern baldness starts in early 20’s of men and continues till their death, if no treatment is opted for it. Following statistics were revealed about male pattern baldness in Indian men. This shows prevalence of high male pattern baldness in India, due to which there is growing demand for hair transplant in...