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Tackle Hair Loss with a Little Change in your Lifestyle

In today’s advancing world, there are n number of reasons behind your falling hair. You may face  hair fall due to lack of proper nutrients, may be due to some infection caused, may because you have inherited it or there may be other reasons. Some reasons might be cured with some change in your lifestyle and some might not be. Let’s talk about the changes you can make in your lifestyle.

Avoid Using Harsh Shampoos

If you are an outgoing person, then there are good chances of pollution and dust to attack your hair. This causes you to wash your hair frequently. But, using harsh shampoos can create havoc upon your scalp as they contain alkali chemical. So, using a mild shampoo is recommendable.

Quit Smoking

If you are serious about controlling your hair fall then you really need to quit smoking. Smoking can damage the DNA of you hair follicles.

Take Proper Diet

Sometimes, hair loss is also caused due to improper intake of nutrients. So, for that reason on should take proper nutrients in his diet which include, calcium, iron, essential fatty acids , multi-vitamins, amino acids.

Avoid Stress

Stress may also lead to hair fall. Although it is not possible that stress doesn’t come your way but it is possible to keep yourself calm from it through meditation, massages, stretching and applying essential oils on your scalp.

Protect Hair from Sun rays

The UV radiations cause your hair to lose protein and weaken them with time. So it is advisable to protect your hair from sun rays. You can wear a hat or cap or carry umbrella with you while going out.

You can try all these solutions to control your hair loss and if, these fail then you really need to consult a good doctor like ours at Evolve Esthetique Clinic. You’ll get here the best hair loss treatments in Agra.

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