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Male Pattern Baldness in India

Male Pattern Baldness in India

With the every passing decade, the rate of baldness has been on an increase, especially when it comes to baldness in men, called as male pattern baldness.

According to a study being conducted on men for around 1.5 years, 63.2% of Indian men suffer from male pattern baldness. It was found that the male pattern baldness starts in early 20’s of men and continues till their death, if no treatment is opted for it.

Following statistics were revealed about male pattern baldness in Indian men.

This shows prevalence of high male pattern baldness in India, due to which there is growing demand for hair transplant in the country and this growing demand has lead to birth of multiple treatments of hair fall, which vary depending upon their procedure, cost, suitability and their results post hair transplant.

We, at our Evolve Esthetique Clinic offer the best hair transplant in Agra to give you totally perfect hairlines with no scar and no pain. We are here with the best of the restoration techniques and hair loss treatment in Agra to provide you the best experience post hair transplant.

We provide our best quality support and services to raise up the standard of your hair quality. We even have the team of the best hair transplant doctors in Agra providing their premier services. So, if you are suffering from any of the problems like baldness, patchy or no beard, thin or no brows, come to us as soon as possible. You’ll go totally satisfied and  happy from our clinic.


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